The Ultimate Ebike Store

Ebikeuniverse is the first retail chain of light electric vehicles across Canada. We have locations from Vancouver to St. John’s Newfoundland. Each location has qualified technicians, parts and service. You can buy an ebike in Toronto and get service in Vancouver! Same warranty! We are always working on future green initiatives including solar charging stations at each location, app for closest centre, and free loaner with any purchase in any city you go on vacation!

The Ebike Universe team strives to reduce the carbon footprint made in our country while giving people the freedom and ease of affordable mobility. Each of our ebikes reduces carbon emissions by enabling our clients to travel with vehicles that are 100% emission free!

Our team makes sure that each customer is treated with respect and kindness when they enter one of our stores. We believe in educating our clients and ensuring their optimal safety.

Come visit one of them today and try out one of our earth-friendly ebikes!